Ways to Make Money on Turion

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If you’re wondering how you can make money on Turion, here’s the perfect guide for you. We take pride in allowing teachers to make money via multiple means. We realize that many platforms only help teachers monetize their course content, and some of them allow merchandise sales. This approach makes a lot of great teachers unseen.
At Turion, our goal is to let as many teachers shine as possible. Some teachers are great at creating beautiful, engaging online content; Some teachers are good at communicating with students in real time; Some teachers are wonderful at cohorting large groups of students; and once in a while, there might be someone who is just good at everything. Whether you’re unsure of what you’re good at, or you want to be good at everything, we offer the resources to help you figure it out.
Please note that some of the features (methods) are available, while some of them are currently in planning or development. If you’re a user or you’ve signed up for our newsletter, we will keep you posted on the progress. (Sign up for an account or our newsletter to stay up-to-date.)
Let’s break down the different ways of earning an income on Turion. Here’s what we have so far:

Course Sales

This is just for starters. The fundamental way of education and knowledge delivery on online platforms. With this, like most other platforms, you can charge a price of your own for the courses you upload on the platform. Remember to consider your market, your competitors, the quality of your content, your previous course sales history, and so on. Experiment it with different price points to see what price gets you the most revenue. Normally, you will get to keep 80% of your course earnings every month, while Turion will get the remaining as funds to build more exciting features for all teachers, and keep things functional.

Be sure to look out for discounts on fees from time to time to see if you can earn more every month!

Private Forum (Premium Courses)

This feature is built on top of courses. You will be able to charge for a premium (no pun intended) on top of your course to build, organize, and maintain a community for the course. This community is only available to students who paid to be a part of it. It is essentially a forum that allows participants, including the teacher of the course to take part in conversations regarding the course. Students and teachers are encouraged to start conversations or discussions, ask questions, and build connections with one another.

It is important for teachers to take part in this, not only because of the extra earnings, but because it builds a strong community for your courses. Courses with great learning communities tend to strive, as compared to courses with little to no participant interaction. Most importantly, students know they have a community for them to ask for help, when they are struggling.
Future plans’ Sneak Peek
The following section gives you a sneak peek into some of our future features. We won't be able to give you full details as there are many unforeseen challenges, changes, etc.
Focus Sessions

With this feature, you can let students schedule an appointment with you to get on a video conference. During this time, a student will get your undivided attention to attend to their most pressing questions about their learning, or to give them advice and tips about their career or situation, and so on.
PPV Live-streaming
A live-streaming feature that will allow teachers to get instantaneous connection with all of their audience. Teachers can use this feature to livestream a demonstration of subject matter. For example, a coding teacher can livestream a debug process that’s related to a topic within a course. Or maybe a marketing teacher can livestream the process of running a social media advertising campaign. And many more!
Advertising Revenue Share Program
This will be about sharing some sort of advertising revenue, but we can’t tell you more for now. Sorry!
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