The Number One Secret to Get More Students For Online Courses

Want to know how to get more students for your online courses? We are here to help. Getting more students and course sales is not about building a beautiful landing page. It is also definitely NOT about having the most eye-catching course title. Bite-sizing your course content? Those are just the basics.
The number one way to get more students for online courses is to actually interact with your students. No matter what courses you teach, interacting with students is the key.
Before you start to wonder, the other things mentioned earlier are also important. However, they are supplementary and not the true value behind learning. Most students want to learn and make sure they leave with knowledge and a great experience.
Here are the reasons why focusing on interacting with students will help you a lot more than anything else:

Builds trust and credibility

Direct engagement with students allows you to showcase your expertise, address their concerns, and personalize your approach. This fosters trust and confidence, making potential students more likely to enroll.

Provides social proof

Witnessing positive interactions between you and existing students is powerful social proof for potential students. Seeing satisfied learners actively engaging with the material speaks volumes about the course's value. Plus, many people make their purchase decisions based on reviews nowadays.

Generates valuable feedback

Interaction allows you to gather real-time feedback on your course content, delivery, and community aspects. This feedback can be used to improve your offering, making it even more attractive to future students, while improving the experience for current students.

Creates a sense of community

Regular interaction fosters a sense of belonging and shared purpose among students. This community atmosphere can be incredibly appealing to students seeking not just knowledge, but also connection and support.

Boosts word-of-mouth marketing

Satisfied students who have interacted with you directly are more likely to recommend your course to others organically. This word-of-mouth marketing is highly valuable and can significantly increase your course’s reach and sales. Moreover, it can decrease your dependence on marketing and advertising spending to grow your courses. Many creators have spent thousands of dollars because they neglect this part.
If you want to dive deeper into this topic, we have some expert opinions and studies done by industry leaders. Here are the sources to help you understand:

Most of the key findings of these studies highlight the importance of interacting with students in course success. Interacting with students usually leads to better outcomes for course sales, retention rate (student coming back for new courses), better student learning outcomes, knowledge retention, and so on.

Interacting with students will also make teaching less like a chore, but more like a meaningful moment for you and the student. If you’ve ever come across a caring teacher who really cares about you, your growth, and your learning, you will know this to be true as well. It is a “core memory moment”.

Now, go and be that teacher for someone.
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