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Transforming HIgher Education Together

Our story

At Turion, we are transforming higher education by placing our students and educators FlRST.

By blending the most desirable qualities of college campus learning, on line universities, & supplemental e-learning platforms, we are engineering superior education that’s both flexible & affordable. While most universities place administrators above teachers & profit above student education, we believe in providing our students with top-tier, quality schooling taught by experienced educators— who understand the value of higher learning. By dedicating our focus to teacher-quality, proven learning retention methods, and world-class curriculum development, our students can be confident the education they will receive through our platform will lead them closer to their personal and professional goals.

Our online higher education institution takes pride in being innovative. We are breaking away from the old methods of teaching and introducing our students to the future of higher education– effective, flexible, and affordable online education. We pride ourselves on placing our students and educators first– in fact; it’s part of our mission. We offer a flexible, diverse, and inclusive work environment and the opportunity to make a difference. We are a remote-first company.

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Turion is the type of company where our employees come first and where you can balance great work with a great life. We strive to take care of all our employees.Work from anywhereTurion is a fully remote company that believes a diverse talent pool is a competitive advantage. We have no corporate campus, no cubicles, no workplace location limits. Our team is always growing!

Benefits for working with us:
· Health Insurance · 401(k) and retirement benefits · Competitive compensation packages · Stock options · Fully remote environment · Flexible scheduling · Generous number of holidays a year · Generous paid time off · Education and career advancement opportunities

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Positive Afro Businesswoman Holding Folders And Coffee Cup, White Background