How To Market and Advertise Your Online Program?

So, you’ve created an amazing online course, and you’re ready to start sharing it with the world. But here comes the important question, how do you get more people to know about it?

That’s where marketing and advertising come in. By effectively marketing your course, you can reach a wider audience and attract more students. And of course, not everyone has deep pockets to fund large ad campaigns. Today, we’ll be sharing a few tips that can work for any type of budget.

Here are a few tips on how to market and advertise your online programs and courses, even when you have a limited budget:

Start with a strong landing page.

Your landing page is the first thing potential students will see, so it’s important to make a good impression. Make sure your landing page is well-designed, informative, and easy to navigate. If you are working with an online course marketplace or platform, such as Turion, Coursera, SkillShare, or Udemy, your landing page will be the page where students read about your course before buying it.

Use social media.

Social media is a great way to connect with potential students and promote your course. This is also one of the most organic ways to attract students. Try to share interesting content, showcase your expertise, run contests, and engage with your followers. Some online course platforms, such as Turion, has marketing tools to connect your account to your social media accounts. This can help you track how well your content is doing and if they really attract paying students.

Provide great and continuous support

Believe it or not, this is one of the most effective ways to advertise using word of mouth. This means it is a super low-cost advertising for your online courses and programs. Sometimes, online learning can get challenging when a teacher is not alongside with the student. Try to find ways to connect with your students and be there for them. Be active and reach out at times if you find an inevitable, common struggle in some of the areas of your course. Turion is one of the best at helping teachers to connect with their students as they have a few tools in-house. For example, an in-platform chat that allows students and teachers to connect, or allowing students to schedule a video call with the teacher to get more specific guidance.

Partner with influencers

Partnering with influencers is a great way to reach a new audience. Find influencers who are relevant to your target market and reach out to them about collaborating on a promotion. Sometimes, you can even reach a deal to co-create courses together and share profit. It also creates a sense of quality, as the followers of an influencer will deem you as credible because you are working with their favorite influencer.

Get involved in online communities

There are many online communities where people are interested in learning new things.  People also talk about specific, subject-related issues, where you can conveniently chime in or get inspiration for your next course. Get involved in these communities, try to read and engage, and if appropriate, share your course with others.


By following these tips, you can effectively market and advertise your online programs and courses and reach a wider audience.

Here are some additional tips that you can use to market and advertise your online courses:

  • Use video. Video is a great way to engage potential students and show them what your course is all about. Create a short video trailer or demo that highlights the benefits of your course.
  • Offer free trials. This is a great way to give potential students a taste of your course before they commit to buying it. Sometimes, even a discount could work.
  • Provide excellent customer service. This is essential for building trust and credibility with potential students. Respond to their questions and concerns promptly and helpfully.

By following these tips, you can market and advertise your online courses effectively and attract more students.

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