Inspired to keep achieving great things
Inspired to keep achieving great things

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Earning a college education should enrich your life not burden you with massive debt! Our two subscription plan options provide students with the opportunity to access higher education at very affordable monthly rates.

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Our Viewer Plan is perfect for the goal-driven student who has a passion for learning, but needs an education program that fits their busy schedule. With this plan, students can access college-level courses, watch engaging lectures, and learn at their own pace.

Our story

At Turion, we are transforming higher education by placing our students and educators FlRST.

By blending the most desirable qualities of college campus learning, on line universities, & supplemental e-learning platforms, we are engineering superior education that's both flexible & affordable. While most universities place administrators above teachers & profit above student education, we believe in providing our students with top-tier, quality schooling taught by experienced educators— who understand the value of higher learning. By dedicating our focus to teacher-quality, proven learning retention methods, and world-class curriculum development, our students can be confident the education they will receive through our platform will lead them closer to their personal and professional goals.


What makes us different

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Prioritizing students and teachers first

Transforming a broken system

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  • 100% Online: Turion Institute is 100% online. Contact an Admissions Advisor for additional information.
  • Minimal requirements for admission and graduation: an applicant should have completed a High School degree, be 18 years old and older, and be a United States resident.
  • Employment and Career Advancement: Turion Institute only provides education and training and does not guarantee employment placement or career advancement by the enrolling institution.
  • The transferability of credits: The transferability of credits you earn at Turion Institute is at the complete discretion of an accepting institution.
  • Future Degrees: Turion Institute cannot guarantee that students will be granted admission to any future programs. Speak to an Advisor about transfer credit opportunities and see the College Catalog for the Prior Learning Assessment policy.
  • Bachelor’s Completion Time: Please review the IPEDS data.
  • Programs’ relevant occupations, Median Pay*: Project Manager $84,049; Human Resource Specialist $62,290; Operations Manager $69,558; Business Operations Manager $76,040; Account Manager $56,596; Financial Analyst $95,570; Sales Manager $127,490.

*Salary represented is based on the national median average and may vary by state and department. Information collected from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Accreditation: Turion Institute is not accredited by the Higher Learning Commission
  • Refund Policy: If the Enrollment Agreement is canceled, Turion Institute will refund the student any money paid within 30 days after the notice of cancellation, less the non-refundable admissions/registration fee of $150.00.
  • Withdrawal Policy:
    • Withdraw from Turion Institute at any time after the cancellation period and receive a pro-rata refund if you have completed 20 percent or less of a month, less the non-refundable admissions/registration fee of $150.00. Withdrawal may occur when the student provides notice of withdrawal via the Turion Institute platform at Any refund due will be paid within 30 days of withdrawal. If the student has completed more than 20% of the current payment month for which the student was charged, the tuition is considered earned and the student will receive no refund.
      • For the purpose of determining a refund under this section, a student shall be deemed to have withdrawn from a program of instruction when any of the following occurs:
      • The student notifies the institution of the student’s withdrawal or as of the date of the student’s withdrawal, whichever is later.
    • The institution terminates the student’s enrollment for failure to maintain satisfactory progress; failure to abide by the policies and procedures of the institution; absences in excess of the maximum set forth by the institution; and/or failure to meet financial obligations to Turion Institute.
    • For the purpose of determining the amount of the refund, the date of the student’s withdrawal shall be deemed the date on the email submitted to indicate withdrawal. The amount owed equals the daily charge for the program in the current month ($50.00 first month, $200.00 each month thereafter, divided by the number of days in the month), multiplied by the number of days in the month prior to the withdrawal date.

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